Fernando Alonso claims the 2023 season is the best since 2012

Fernando Alonso had a superb campaign in 2023, scoring eight podiums in the 22 races this season.

Fernando Alonso claims the 2023 season is the best since 2012

Fernando Alonso and Lance Stroll (Via IMAGO)

Fernando Alonso had an incredible 2023 campaign with Aston Martin, a move considered career-ending by many critics. The Spaniard proved many doubters extremely wrong with eight podiums throughout the 2023 season despite a late-season dip in performance for Aston Martin.

Alonso put together some extremely good performances and a near-race win in Monaco. The two-time World Champion has achieved his best championship position as well as points tally since his penultimate year with the Scuderia Ferrari in 2013. Alonso claims the 2023 season, along with his 2012 title charges have been his two best seasons in the sport.

I'm happy with the personal performance. I think together with 2012, it's the best season for me in my driving and I was happy with everything – motivated, I was fit, I was performing in difficult conditions sometimes.
Fernando Alonso said, as reported by motorsport.com

Alonso is confident of the 2024 vehicle for Aston Martin, as the 42-year-old, the oldest in the current grid, looks to win his 33rd race in his two-decade-long career. A race victory has eluded the Asturian driver since the 2013 season, his latest victory being his home race in Spain at the Circuit de Catalunya.

Fernando Alonso surprised by 4th in WDC despite Aston Martin slump

Aston Martin managed to pull off a miraculous comeback from the 2022 season, as the Silverstone-based team scored eight podiums throughout the 2023 season, all of them with star driver Fernando Alonso. Alonso outscored his teammate Lance Stroll by 132 points, scoring nearly three times the points of his Canadian colleague.

Fernando Alonso with Alpine
Fernando Alonso with Alpine (via IMAGO)

Alonso was initially fighting for second place in the Championship, but as Aston Martin started falling back due to a lack of significant upgrades, so did the Spaniard. Alonso was expecting a result near the bottom of the top 10 due to competition from Carlos Sainz and Lando Norris for fourth place. However, the double World Champion managed to hold off his rivals, finishing in fourth level with the points of Charles Leclerc.

I mean the fifth in the Constructors hurts a little bit as I think we were better than that or we were hoping better than that at the beginning of the year. On the Drivers to finish fourth is a little bit unreal, fighting with the guys that we were fighting.
Alonso said, as reported by motorsportweek.com

Fernando Alonso has a multi-year contract with his team Aston Martin, with hopes for a third title still alive despite being the oldest driver on the grid. Aston Martin has promised to bring further upgrades in 2024 to assist in this title bid, after failing to do so in 2023 amid Red Bull’s unstoppable dominance.

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