Sergio Perez’s father puts rumours about his son’s retirement to rest: ‘Will be in F1 for the next 10 years’

Sergio Perez's father dismisses retirement rumours, affirming his son's continued F1 career after dispute with teammate Max Verstappen.

Sergio Perez’s father puts rumours about his son’s retirement to rest: ‘Will be in F1 for the next 10 years’

Sergio Perez and his family (Credits: The Sports Rush)

Mexican driver Sergio Perez is not considering retirement, according to his father, Antonio Perez. The racer’s contract with Red Bull is set to expire next season, and the recent dispute with teammate Max Verstappen has caused some speculation about his future in the sport. However, Antonio Perez has assured fans that his son has no plans to retire soon.


Speaking about his son’s future, Antonio Perez said, “Checo is doing his job excellently and will be in F1 for the next 10 years. After everything lost to what was found, we have a blessing, Checo no longer had a job two years ago and this new stage that Red Bull has opened for him. Checo is in the eyes of the world, today he is one of the great ambassadors of any brand worldwide.”

Sergio Perez joined the Red Bull team in 2021 and has been performing well. He had a slow start but gradually got into the rhythm of the team and started delivering results. In 2022, Red Bull dominated the field and won 17 out of 22 races, clinching the constructor’s championship. In the ongoing season, the team is again leading the charge, with Perez challenging his teammate Max Verstappen for the driver’s championship.

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The scrap with Max Verstappen adds flavor to the speculations about Sergio Perez’s retirement

Max Verstappen and Segio Perez
Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez (Credits:

However, the two drivers have been embroiled in a spat since last year. During the Brazilian Grand Prix, Verstappen refused to give up his place to his teammate, allowing Perez to finish second in the driver standings. The rivalry heated up this season when Perez won the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, but Verstappen took the fastest lap and the bonus point with him. This misunderstanding between Perez and the team denied him the opportunity to lead the driver’s championship for the first time in his career.

Sergio Perez signed a two-year deal with Red Bull after leading the team to victory at the Monaco Grand Prix last year. His contract runs through the end of 2024, but there have been rumors that he might be replaced by Red Bull’s third driver, Daniel Ricciardo, or retire from the sport altogether.

Antonio stated unequivocally that his son’s international success is due to Red Bull, “Thanks to the support of Red Bull because Checo is another after Red Bull, what he had done before were great achievements but nothing to do with the support of Red Bull, being in the best team in the world puts you in the eyes of the world,” he said.

It remains to be seen what the future holds for Sergio Perez, but one thing is certain – he has no intention of retiring anytime soon. With his father’s assurance and his recent successes, we can expect to see Perez on the tracks for many years to come.


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