Williams’ Alex Albon and Logan Sargeant make a quick detour to the Golden Knights arena ahead of the Las Vegas GP

Formula One's Alex Albon and Logan Sargeant visited the Golden Knights arena in Las Vegas and met with the mascot of the Stanley Cup-winning NHL team.

Williams’ Alex Albon and Logan Sargeant make a quick detour to the Golden Knights arena ahead of the Las Vegas GP

The Las Vegas GP weekend is currently underway and all the racers are in town for all the events starting with the opening ceremony. But being in the United States and not making some detours to the great stadiums and the world-famous arenas that house some of the biggest teams in the NFL and NHL would be a crime. Thus, Williams racers Alex Albon and Logan Sargeant toured the Golden Knights arena, which is home to the famous ice hockey team from Las Vegas before heading off to the race weekend’s opening ceremony.


While the other racers like Charles Leclerc were touring other places around Vegas with their friends, Albon and Sargeant visited the T-Mobile Arena in Paradise, Nevada. They even got surprise presents as the Golden Knights members gifted the Formula 1 drivers with their customized team jerseys. The Las Vegas ice hockey squad, who are currently in celebration mode for their recent Stanley Cup victory, brought out their mascot Chance to meet with the guests from Formula 1.

Both Albon and Sargeant were very impressed with the welcoming their received by the Golden Knights members. They signed a few autographs and went around the stadium before returning to their racing business. Speaking of the experience, Logan Sargeant expressed his views on the NHL team’s gestures.

It was honestly really, really cool. Thanks to the Vegas Golden Knights for all the kind gestures.

Logan Sargeant visited the Golden Knights and donned their sweater despite supporting their rivals

Being an American himself, Logan Sargeant is undoubtedly someone who follows the National Hockey League. But he supports his home team Florida Panthers wholeheartedly. Thus, when the F1 racer visited the Golden Knights members as they are currently in town for the Las Vegas GP, he was dubious about wearing their sweater. He even joked that he might get some shade for crossing the lines to the enemy’s side by befriending the Golden Knights despite being a Florida Panthers fan.

Logan Sargeant and Alex Albon (via Twitter)

Hearing Logan Sargeant declare his loyalty Florida Panthers caused Chance, the team mascot of the Golden Knights squad, to hang his head to show that he was upset. But the entire meet-and-greet was quite light-hearted and Alex Albon and Logan Sargeant even posed for pictures with the Las Vegas ice hockey team for the socials. Needless to say, when the the snaps made their way to social media, fans lapped up the crossover between F1 and NHL.

In other news, Williams recently made waves by recruiting Lia Block, daughter of the late rally driver Ken Block, to represent them at the F1 Academy series. The 17-year-old racer will join the all-female Championship as a driver for the ART Grand Prix team.

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