“I am enough for myself,” Shakira opens up about her mental health after split with Gerard Pique

Shakira opens up about the how the break up has been hard on her and her children and how her music has brought her back to power again

“I am enough for myself,” Shakira opens up about her mental health after split with Gerard Pique

A video published earlier last month, showed Shakira finally opening up about her own feelings after her tumultuous separation from long-term boyfriend Gerard Pique. The Barranquillera said that she believes she doesn’t need to rely on ‘love’ anymore.


During her interview with El Punto, she spoke candidly about the different stages of heartbreak she has gone through. Despite her rambunctious outburst of hatred towards the famous footballer, Shakira’s words sounded very thoughtful. 

She said that her children, Sasha and Milan have also been through a lot of emotional turmoil in the past months. Talking about her mental state after the horrible split, she said, “I have always been quite emotionally dependent on men, I have been in love with love and now I have come to understand that I am enough for myself today.”

The 46-year-old also lamented the breaking of her dream family where the children would live with their parents under the same roof. She said, “Not all dreams in life come true, but life finds a way to compensate you and it has done so with me with these two wonderful children who fill me with love.”


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The BreakUp saga

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Pique with Shakira and Clara Chia Marti (credit: FS Archive)

The Columbian artist found out in January about the infidelity of the Catalan when she returned home from a trip to the United States and saw her bottle of jam half empty. After hiring a personal detective, Shakira finally confronted Pique about his involvement with a 23-year-old employee from his company Kosmos. 

The duo went through a very tough separation and she wanted to make things better with couples therapy. Shakira also later claimed that it was Pique who declined to get their relationship back on track. 

All the tabloids documented the drama, as the world eagerly waited for “tea” to spill. Finally, in June, the duo announced that their 12-year-long relationship has come to an end. Since then, Pique has made his relationship with Clara Chia Marti official. It’s also been reported that the singer is going to move to Miami with her children to get away from the former Barcelona defender. 


Shakira’s Biza-blizzard

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The cover for the Bizarrap album cover (credit: FS Archive)

Earlier in January, Shakira dropped a bomb through her song, Bizarrap Music Session #53. In the duet, she lambasted her ex and his present girlfriend. The song broke all kinds of records and made it to multiple charts throughout January. 

Since then, Shakira has launched another scathing music, this time, with Karol G, titled TQG. Both the songs portrayed Shakira at her powerful best but also hinted at the pain and heartbreak she has gone through. 

Talking about her song with Bizarrap, Shakira said, “It was a great release that was necessary for my own healing, for my own recovery process. I think I’d be in a different place if I didn’t have that song.” She also mentioned the drastic effect of the song on her saying, “I went into the studio one way and came out another.”

She has also launched merchandise and several celebrities have been seen donning them in the past couple of months. Whereas, Pique’s company Kosmos, lost its multimillionaire deal with the Davies cup.


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