Lando Norris: Daniel Ricciardo not better than Carlos Sainz

Get to know why did Lando Norris choose Carlos Sainz over Daniel Ricciardo as the better driver ahead of the British Grand Prix

Lando Norris Chooses Carlos Sainz Over Daniel Ricciardo
Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo

Amid a host of other activities and incidents, McLaren have been able to fight for the podium claim on the constructor’s championship against Ferrari courtesy to their ace driver Lando Norris. The British driver stands as the only driver to be able to score points in every grand prix in the 2021 Formula 1 season. That being said he has clearly out performed an out shadowed his current teammate Daniel Ricciardo. 

On a recent occasion when Norris was asked upon a question to compare his former teammate Carlos Sainz with Australia Honey Badger, Daniel Ricciardo, the former had an interesting take. At the Woking team last year, 21-year-old Norris was paired with Spaniard Carlos Sainz and they were closely matched on the track. But this year, after Sainz moved to Ferrari, Norris was paired with the highly experienced former Red Bull race winner Daniel Ricciardo – who has markedly struggled. 

Lando Norris states Carlos Sainz Better than Daniel Ricciardo 

Lando Norris on Carlos Sainz
Lando Norris on Carlos Sainz

“Honestly, I knew already how good Carlos Sainz is,” the British driver told the Spanish sports newspaper AS“He’s showing it now with Charles that he’s got the speed and is close to one of the best drivers in Formula 1. I also knew that, compared to him, I am well placed. In some areas he is better and in others I am better.” 

Norris stated, “So I wasn’t worried about Daniel Ricciardo arriving because I knew that Carlos is at a similar level. Daniel has won races so maybe that’s why people put him above Carlos.

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Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo

“It’s taking him a long time to get used to the car and the team,” Norris added, referring again to the decade-older Ricciardo. 

lando norris - FirstSportz
Lando Norris

“There are people who need the perfect car and then there are others who are happier to be less comfortable. Daniel needs confidence, and his other car gave him more than this one,” said Norris.

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