Russian Grand Prix: Lando Norris and McLaren’s Misjudgment Helps Lewis Hamilton claims 100th Grand Prix victory

Lewis Hamilton takes back the lead in the driver's standings after Lando Norris slip up helps his claim victory at Sochi.

Lewis Hamilton

In an epic showdown, it is the seven-time world champion and his team who have managed to emerge victorious in unpredictable conditions. Lewis Hamilton’s late entry into the pit lane ensured that Mercedes and he fetch the numero uno position at Sochi. With Lando Norris hanging out when he tyres were rugged out after been rigorously driven for numerous laps. Late in the business end of the race, it was his tyres who eventually gave up. 

Lewis Hamilton had a 25+ seconds lead to Norris when he decided to head towards the pit lane with only 4 laps remaining. Whereas Norris decided to hang out on the track. Especially with the rain also coming down, it was evident that the seven-time world champion and Mercedes’ decision will prove to be more fruitful as they managed to overtake McLaren’s ace driver in the 51st lap at Sochi. 

Russian Grand Prix Results 

Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen
Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen

Apart from Lewis Hamilton, his rival Max Verstappen made excellent recovery from being stuck in the middle of the grid majority of the race top eventually finish P2. Moreover, Carlos Sainz also managed to prove his charisma late in the race as he secured the last place on the podium. Even when both Norris and Hamilton were easily able to overtake him previously. 

Daniel Ricciardo who slipped away because of his team’s slow work-rate in the pit lane, followed Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz in P4. Valtteri Bottas who also started the race from the back with the Dutchman, finished behind the Australian Honey badger.

Lando Norris on Max Verstappen
Lando Norris on Max Verstappen

After this race, the seven-time world champion has taken his lead back in the driver’s standings and has taken the lead back against Max Verstappen. Lastly to conclude the Russian Grand Prix results, Norris’ slip up only helped him finish P8. How ironical it is to see, a driver almost winning his first grand prix and then to lose out of all the place of a podium.

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