Gary Player offers his wisdom towards LIV Golf; Says – “I think it is wonderful”

Gary Player gives some advice to LIV Golf and the PGA Tour who have locked horns ever since LIV's inception.

Gary Player | LIV Golf
Gary Player | LIV Golf

Gary Player hails the controversy-ridden LIV Golf Series as a marvelous opportunity for golfers. Although he believes that for LIV Golf to actually bear fruit, it will have to find a way to end its quarrel with the PGA Tour. LIV vs PGA battle has been the talk of the season ever since the former set foot in the golfing world.

The Saudi-PIF-backed golf circuit has been accused from time to time of using its financial might to lure some big names from under the PGA Tour, offering huge signing-on fees amidst guaranteed prize money and lucrative incentives. The PGA Tour has banned those players who switched their allegiance to LIV Golf.

The banning and suspension of players in events sanctioned by the PGA Tour have ended up in a slew of lawsuits with players such as Phil Mickelson caught right in between.

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Gary Player suggests the LIV Golf and the PGA Tour to find common ground

Gary Player
Gary Player

LIV Golf has faced heat owing to various reasons which majorly concern its abysmal human rights record and its “oil-money” funding. LIV had initially been termed a retirement home for golfers who were in their twilight years, however signing the likes of Cameron Smith, Bryson DeChambeau, and Dustin Johnson, LIV has definitely swayed away from that narrative.

Gary Player, who has won the major on nine occasions has been on the positive side for LIV Golf. He states – “I have no objection to people going and playing the LIV Tour. I think it is wonderful to give people an opportunity to make some money when they can’t play anymore. Most of them are going out there with a new lease of life, and that is fantastic.”

Gary went on to talk about his opinion about the controversial circuit, and how it should try to attain peace with LIV Golf. “What I don’t like is the war that is happening between LIV and the PGA. Golf is too good, golf gave us our dream to start the tour and play. So we must have, the word is respect across the board. We have all got to have respect for each other and go on with our own lives.” Let’s hope that the two golfing circuits lend an ear to what Gary Player has to say.

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