WATCH: “Big for nothing” – Giant man with great physique gets flatlined in supermarket by smaller guy in MMA-style brawl

Unexpected turn of events in a supermarket scuffle: A smaller individual uses speed to overpower a physically larger bully, as captured in a viral Fight Central video.

WATCH: “Big for nothing” – Giant man with great physique gets flatlined in supermarket by smaller guy in MMA-style brawl

Street fight at Supermarket (Image via: X/Fight Central)

Popular X account Fight Central uploaded yet another street brawl video. In this video, a smaller man unexpectedly overpowered a much larger opponent. This altercation occurred in a local supermarket, where a verbal confrontation evolved into a physical confrontation.

In the video, a big man with a great physique begins verbally bullying a smaller man. However, after losing patience, the smaller man comes face to face to begin the brawl. Surprisingly, the smaller defeated the bigger opponent with speed. He even scored multiple knockdowns on the bigger man. Moreover, the brawl ends with the smaller man on top.


In MMA, several smaller fighters have had successes against bigger opponents. Daniel Cormier was smaller than his opponents in the light heavyweight and heavyweight divisions. However, he became a two-division champion in the UFC. Moreover, Brandon Moreno was significantly smaller than Deiveson Figueiredo. However, he is 2-1-1 against the Brazilian, who recently moved up to bantamweight.

At the beginning of the UFC, there were no weight classes. However, Royce Gracie used his superior Jiu-Jitsu skills to become a three-time UFC tournament winner. Nevertheless, fighters in modern MMA use extreme weight-cutting to gain a size advantage over their opponents. Aljamain Sterling, Islam Makhachev, Kamaru Usman, and Alex Pereira have cut enormous weight to fight at a lower division.

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Fight fans react to an MMA-style street brawl in a supermarket between a big man and a small man

In a recent street brawl video, a larger man was at a disadvantage against his smaller counterpart. The smaller man displayed unexpected punching speed. The larger man tried to intimidate, but the smaller man was forced to defend himself. The smaller man quickly took control with quick punches. The larger fighter was knocked down. A woman intervened to prevent further violence.

Street fight at Supermarket
Street brawl at Supermarket (Image via: X/Fight Central)

This incident sparked discussions on social media. Some admire the smaller man’s self-defense skills. However, others were concerned about the implications of using violence in public spaces. See how the fans reacted to the video on social media.

Fight fans noted that the incident showcased the unpredictability of physical confrontations. Thereby emphasizing that size isn’t the sole determinant in a fight. They point out the need to have good speed and technique in a fight.


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