WATCH: “Super Brad strikes again”- Fans react as Brad Keselowski and Carson Hocevar instigate a multi-car mayhem at Talladega

Ty Gibbs, Brad Keselowski, Austin Dillon and Carson Hocevar all bowed out of the race following the wreck.

WATCH: “Super Brad strikes again”- Fans react as Brad Keselowski and Carson Hocevar instigate a multi-car mayhem at Talladega

The Multi-car wreck at Talladega, triggered by Brad Keselowski and Carson Hocevar (Credits: YouTube)

The YellaWood 500 at Talladega Superspeedway delivered a pulsating spectacle marked by intense racing, lead changes, and a dramatic photo finish. The defining moment came in the final laps as Ryan Blaney and Kevin Harvick engaged in a fierce battle, resulting in Blaney’s victory by a mere 0.012 seconds. There was also one huge multi-car wreck that was marked as a focal point of the race, triggering fan reactions. 

However, the race wasn’t without its share of chaos. On Lap 162 of the Talladega race, chaos erupted as a multi-car crash unfolded, leaving a trail of damaged vehicles and ending the races for several contenders. The incident was triggered by Carson Hocevar, under the influence of Brad Keselowski’s push, suddenly veered left, colliding with the right side of Ty Gibbs‘ No:54 car. This initiated a domino effect, with Gibbs losing control and careening into Austin Dillon


Notably, Hocevar, Dillon, Gibbs, and Keselowski all found their races cut short due to the collision, while Chase Briscoe, Harrison Burton, and AJ Allmendinger also incurred damage in the melee. The severity of the impact was such that all three drivers hit the SAFER barrier in the same spot, causing significant damage. 

The aftermath prompted a red flag that lasted for nearly ten minutes, during which track crews diligently worked to repair the SAFER Barrier, focusing on the area where Dillon and Gibbs had made contact. As the video of this multi-car crash made its way into the social media handles, it ignited a fan frenzy. 

Discover: Brad Keselowski refused to blame Carson Hocevar for the Talladega multi-car wreck that put a massive dent in his playoff campaign


Fans have split views towards Brad Keselowski about the crash

This pause in the race not only highlighted the importance of safety measures but also showcased NASCAR’s commitment to swiftly addressing and rectifying potential hazards on the track. Amidst the wreckage and repairs, the significance of the Talladega weekend was further underscored by Blaney’s triumph. With this win, Blaney secured his spot in the Round of 8 in the playoffs. 

Austin Dillon colliding with Brad Keselowski before bumping into the wall
Austin Dillon collided with Brad Keselowski before bumping into the wall (Credits: X)

NASCAR, on NBC’s official X handle, shared footage of the Talladega crash, triggering varied fan reactions. While some blamed Keselowski, others praised him for softening Dillon’s impact. Gratitude was expressed for Keselowski, potentially preventing a severe collision with the SAFER barrier at over 100mph. One fan commented that the #3 driver was imitating legend, former N:3 driver Dale Earnhardt Sr., referencing his tragic crash. 

The Talladega crash sparked a polarizing fan response, with opinions divided on Keselowski’s role. Beyond blame, gratitude for driver safety and comparisons to Dale Earnhardt Sr.’s legacy added depth to the emotional aftermath, revealing the complex tapestry of NASCAR fandom.


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