Kyle Busch’s ‘zero respect among Cup drivers’ claim debunked after two-faced Joey Logano’s impressive clash with Brad Keselowski

There was fear in the NASCAR community that Sunday’s cup race would have yielded a caution-ridden race as the Xfinity race on Saturday.

Kyle Busch’s ‘zero respect among Cup drivers’ claim debunked after two-faced Joey Logano’s impressive clash with Brad Keselowski

2023 AMS Cup race

Richard Childress Racing veteran Kyle Busch made headlines ahead of the Atlanta Cup race, saying there is no respect among Cup drivers on the grid. But the veteran is proven wrong by his Ford rivals and fellow champions Brad Keselowski and Joey Logano. Defending Cup champion Joey Logano won his first race of the season after producing an impressive last-lap pass.

Nobody gives two shits about anybody else. It’s just a problem where everybody takes advantage of everybody as much as possible. We’re all selfish, granted, but there was an etiquette that once did live here,” Kyle Busch said.

Brad Keselowski had an impressive battle with Joey Logano on the final laps of the race, which saw the firmer teammates racing hard while respecting each other. Logano, called a two-faced individual by Busch after the season opener, is known for his aggressive driving, but he kept his hard-won and delivered what fans wanted at AMS.

The discussion about respect among drivers arose amid the Denny Hamlin-Ross Chastain saga. Keselowski and Logano restored a few individuals with a positive mindset on the respect on the Cup grid. The RFK owner-driver, in his post-race interview, pointed out that he is relieved that his fight with Logano, proves that there still exists respect.

The coolest thing about this race is two veterans showed you can run a race here side-by-side, bump-drafting, and not wreck the field. It can happen if you race respectfully. I thought everybody did a great job. We were right there. Proud of my team and the effort. Nothing much we could do there at the end,” Keselowski said.  

He made a great move. He deserves credit for it. I don’t really think there was any way I was going to stop that without wrecking us all,” Keselowski added, acknowledging that he made the right call by allowing Joey Logano to move upfront.

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Atlanta was a statement race: Brad Keselowski

Brad Keselowski
Brad Keselowski

The ex-Cup champion pointed out that he had a solid racing day at Atlanta and hoped to build upon it as the season progresses. He said, “It was a good day; really solid. I’m proud of our team; we’re just continuing to improve, and you need days like this. You just wish they were wins, but we were right there,”.

He added that he had Joey Lognao’s pass was near perfect. Keselowski claims, “It just didn’t come together there at the end. Joey got such a huge run down the frontstretch there was nothing I could do to stop it — other than wreck all of us — and that wasn’t going to do us any favors. Good day for our team overall; just one spot short,”.

The ford driver is looking forward to having similar strong runs in the future. He said, “This is exactly the type of days we need. Days where we score lots of points, we show people we can win races, and we build our program,”.

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