“That was DIRTY” Malika Andrews destroys Kendrick Perkins with the 30-point jab, making Richard Jefferson go berserk

“That was DIRTY” Malika Andrews destroys Kendrick Perkins with the 30-point jab, making Richard Jefferson go berserk

Malika Andrews, Richard Jefferson, Kendrick Perkins

On today’s episode of NBA Today, ESPN NBA analyst Malika Andrews made a fool of her colleague Kendrick Perkins while presenting a subject for discussion. Perkins, Vince Carter, and Richard Jefferson were about to evaluate the NBA players who averages 30 points this season and who scores the most efficiently. Then Andrews mocked of him by comparing his career to those of the two former NBA stars.


During his NBA career, Kendrick Perkins was a reasonable big man. Perkins never had particularly impressive stats, but he ended up being a highly effective rotating center on NBA championship squads. He did, after all, start at center for the Boston Celtics in 2008 and returned to the NBA Finals with the Cleveland Cavaliers and Oklahoma City Thunder.

Malika Andrews brought up the fact that the three players have played in 219 30-point games overall throughout their NBA careers during the episode of NBA Today. Andrews was keen to point out that this meant Perkins had made no contribution. Vince Carter and Richard Jefferson, who were also on the panel, started laughing as they saw Andrews mock Perkins in the most delicate yet friendly way.

Speaking on NBA Today’s latest episode, Andrews stated: “Bringing everybody back in for this one. You three have combined for 239 30-point games in your career. How many did Perk contribute to that one?” Hearing this – former Bulls star, Jefferson replied, “That was dirty.”


This question left everybody cracked up as Perk didn’t have any 30-point games and Andrews took the right opportunity to mock him.

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This season’s record-breaking players with 30 PPG

A historically significant amount of players in the NBA are averaging above 30 points this season. Several more superstars are absent from the list of players who are averaging over 30 points per game and there are various surprises too. Luka Doncic, Jayson Tatum, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Stephen Curry, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, and Kevin Durant make up this year’s lineup of stars with the feat.

Even though Doncic was the only one of them to play last night, his average is still rising thanks to his 35-point performance. LeBron James and Joel Embiid are two stars from last season who didn’t make the list, while James Harden, the scoring champion for three of the last five years, is nowhere to be discovered


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Richard Jefferson’s ultimate reaction to Malika Andrews roasting Kendrick Perkins

According to the list, Richard Jefferson accounted for 34 of the 229 30-point games while Vince Carter recorded 185 of them throughout his stint in the NBA whereas Perkins had none. Hearing Malika Andrews slam Perkins, Jefferson was laughing and said: “That was dirty.” Andrews then had to say: “Perk, I love you,” to ease off the embarrassment.

Throughout his 16-year NBA career, Perkins never scored more than 30 points. His career-high performance occurred in 2009 when he scored 26 points for the Boston Celtics.

Perkins averaged just 5.4 points per game over his career and recorded 10.1 points per game on average during the best season of his career. Although Perk handled the jab admirably and laughed it off, Andrews’ severe criticism of his scoring drought throughout his NBA career was still present.


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