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Twitter reacts to LA Lakers Blowout Victory in Post-Halftime against the Sacramento Kings

Twitter reacts to the LA Lakers blowout win against the Sacramento Kings.

The consternation revolving around the LA Lakers has been there since the season started and has continued to exist. Their inconsistent performance against the teams which aren’t even in the top 10 has put their title as “Contenders for the trophy” in jeopardy.

But yesterday’s match brought a new twist for the Lakers. The Lakers were matched up against the Sacramento Kings; a team that has beaten the LA Lakers previously. The match started with the Kings drawing entering the second quarter with an 8 point lead. The Lakers scored almost equal to what the Kings scored by the end of the 2nd quarter and managed to retain the Kings lead to a 9 point.

But the post halftime brought in new jazz for the Lakers. The Lakers just launched a blitz against the Kings and won with a difference of 25 points.

Twitter reacts to LA Lakers blasting victory

Twitter reacts to LA Lakers Blowout Victory in Post-Halftime against the Sacramento Kings 2

The LA Lakers blasted off the Sacramento Kings in a swanky manner. All the decry and the disparages they have had to face for the last couple of weeks seems to have made the Lakers more determined to refute.

The 2nd half against the Sacramento Kings tuned out to be that best of Lakers Post-halftime performance this season. They dropped 67 points in the last two quarters. But the irony is that LeBron James wasn’t a part of this game. Appears like Skip Bayless already has the content for his next upcoming series of Tweets.

LeBron James had to enter NBA’s Health and Safety protocol on Tuesday morning and is expected to miss several games.  Lakers coach Frank Vogel said, “Obviously, it’s a huge loss. It’s disappointing. We just want the best for him right now. That’s where our thoughts are. And we have the next-man-up mindset.”

Talen Horton Tucker started in LeBron James’s place and the young player dropped 2 points in his 16 minutes on the court. Anthony Davis dropped 25 points, 7 rebounds, and 3 assists for the Lakers.

Turnover was still the subheadings of this match because Tucker and Westbrook didn’t let go of their old habits. Westbrook has the worst record for turnovers this season, and his mistakes often give the opponents the point to find the chink in Lakers’ defense armor.

But fortunately, his offense clicked against the Kings. Westbrook played for 35 minutes and in those, he made sure he was constantly throwing hats in the ring. He was relentless and went on to score 23 points, 5 rebounds, and 6 assists.

The Lakers Nation took on Twitter to celebrate this moment with everyone.

LeBron’s absence in the upcoming games would be surely felt but the Lakers have to keep going. The league is about to enter its 3rd month and the Lakers are still struggling for consistency. They just can’t take a break right now.

The LA Lakers will compete against the LA Clippers on Friday.

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