NFL fan files lawsuit after allegedly being subjected to police brutality over possession of Jalen Hurts’ touchdown ball

Hurts had given his touchdown football to the fan at the MetLife Stadium.

NFL fan files lawsuit after allegedly being subjected to police brutality over possession of Jalen Hurts’ touchdown ball

Philadelphia Eagles vs. New York Giants (via The Independent)

Last year’s Philadelphia Eagles vs. New York Giants game in December at the MetLife Stadium has come under scrutiny due to a lawsuit filed by a fan. The fan allegedly has been a subject of police brutality and has filed a lawsuit and claimed that they “misrepresented and lied” to him.

The incident took place after Paul Hamilton, the fan, was handed a football by the Eagles’ QB Jalen Hurts after a touchdown. The police told Hamilton that he would have to return it and that it wasn’t his property. He claimed that he was unlawfully detained for refusing to hand over the football to the authorities.


The lawsuit named the NFL, the Eagles and Giants, the Meadowlands Sports Complex, the East Rutherford Police Department, and New Jersey Attorney General Matthew Platkin as the defendants. It was filed on Wednesday.

Hamilton was approached by authorities immediately after getting the ball and was asked to hand over the ball because it was going to be sent to the Hall of Fame, the lawsuit says. When Hamilton did not get a satisfying reason from the officials, he declined to do so.

A few moments later, Hamilton was approached by two state police officers and an Eagles representative who suggested trading the ball for it. Upon that juncture, one of the officers allegedly “threatened to take the football from Mr. Hamilton if he does not willingly hand it over.” Hamilton is seeking a trial on the counts of false arrest, false imprisonment, assault and battery, abuse of process, and negligence.


David Carr has a controversial take on Eagles’ QB Jalen Hurts

The Philadelphia Eagles have the best record in the league. They are 10-2 and are the top seed in the NFC right now. They had a tough game against the San Francisco 49ers last Sunday as they were blown away by 23 points. Former NFL QB David Carr criticized Eagles’ starter Jalen Hurts and said that the quarterback is “not even good” at reading defenses.

David Carr (L) and Jalen Hurts (R)
David Carr (L – via Britannica) and Jalen Hurts (R – via Sports Illustrated)
When you look at this team, you have to have a serious conversation if you're Philly--You have to really say, 'Is it better for us to play Marcus Mariota right now and let Jalen get fully healthy?
David Carr, while appearing on the NFL’s TV channel

Hurts so far this season has thrown for 2,995 yards and 19 touchdowns along with 10 interceptions. He led the Eagles to the Super Bowl last season only to lose by 3 points to the Kansas City Chiefs. They are on course to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl this season as well and they will hope to win it this time.

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