What are you smoking?”: Shannon Sharpe destroys fan who claims Baker Mayfield is better than Kirk Cousins

Fox Sports Analyst Shannon Sharpe hilariously shut down a fan who claimed that Baker Mayfield was better than Kirk Cousins

Shannon Sharpe
Shannon Sharpe

Shannon Sharpe is one of the most hilarious NFL analysts who holds nothing back and tells it as it is. He also happens to be one of the biggest critics of the Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield. He does not consider Baker to be worthy of being selected first overall in the NFL draft and has on multiple occasions termed him as a “bust”.

Shannon is tired of the Baker Mayfield fans out there, especially his co-host on Undisputed, Skip Bayless, who is a strong advocate and believer in Baker Mayfield’s talent. Shannon believes that Baker fans have an excuse for everything, whenever Baker has had a disappointing performance, there is always some excuse or someone to blame except himself. Yesterday, on Twitter, one fan had asked if there were 10 quarterbacks in the league who were better than the Minnesota Vikings QB Kirk Cousins.

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“I need to stay away from it (whatever you are smoking)”: Shannon Sharpe trolls the fan’s ridiculous take

Shannon Sharpe
Shannon Sharpe

Sharpe tweeted the following as his response, he named 10 active quarterbacks in the league who were all better than Kirk Cousins in his opinion.

In response to this tweet of Sharpe, a fan retweeted him telling him that he would take Baker Mayfield over Kirk Cousins any day and that “Kirk Cousins is a bottom 10 starting QB in the NFL.” The fan believes that there is no more upside to Cousins’ career and that he will begin a descent in terms of his performance from this season onwards.

Kirk Cousins has been ranked the 13th best quarterback in the league on the basis of stats for the past three years which makes it appear that he has reached his ceiling. The Vikings QB has been consistent but he has not been able to perform during crunch time or in the playoffs.

Irrespective of this, Shannon Sharpe believes Cousins is better than Mayfield any day.

Sharpe held no words back. The reason that Baker is probably not on the same level as Kirk Cousins is that he is not consistent and very unpredictable. In addition to that Baker is not considered a leader in the locker room and his attitude is considered toxic by many.

Kirk Cousins on the other hand has never had any issues relating to these topics, which makes sense as to why Sharpe vouches for him over Baker.

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