Feliciano Lopez confident of Rafael Nadal’s chances of winning the 2024 French Open, claims his void on Tour can’t be filled even by Carlos Alcaraz 

Feliciano Lopez speaks about the possible void in tennis if Djokovic and Nadal retire following Federer's footsteps. 

Feliciano Lopez confident of Rafael Nadal’s chances of winning the 2024 French Open, claims his void on Tour can’t be filled even by Carlos Alcaraz 

Rafael Nadal and Feliciano Lopez ( Rolland Garros)

Rafael Nadal, the Spanish maestro, has always been there to entertain his fans with his tennis. The Spaniard will return in 2024 to play on the first ATP Tour of the season. 

However, the question remains if he will be fit enough to win the tournament and carry that momentum into the Grand Slams to come. Feliciano Lopez, the former Spanish tennis player, believes that Nadal has it in him to play and possibly win the French Open.


In a recent interview, the 42-year-old shared his confidence in his countryman’s ability to win another Paris Open. As a renowned ‘king of clay,’ Nadal already has added pressure to perform well at this tournament.

 For over 18 years, Nadal has dominated the French Open. He has a record of 14 titles at this single competition and ever since 2005, he withdrew only last year. However, he still holds the record of 112-3 across 18 appearances only showcasing the kind of form the Spaniard has shown at this tournament.

I hope Rafa arrives in Paris in good enough shape to be able to compete with anyone. I still believe he will win another Roland Garros. And there are also the Olympic Games, in the garden of his house. 
Said Lopez in the interview.

With a huge season upcoming, Nadal hopes to make it to all 4 Grand Slams and the Olympics which will take place in Paris. The Spaniard has a phenomenal record in Paris and will be a huge addition if he manages to qualify for the Spanish team.


Feliciano Lopez worried about the possible void in tennis due to the absence of the Big Three

Former Spanish player, Feliciano Lopez reveals the possible void in tennis if Novak Djokovic and Nadal retire. Along with Roger Federer, both Rafa and Djokovic have created a huge fan base in tennis, and the absence of all of them, will create a void in the sport. 

Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic
Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic (Via Sky Sports)

He said:

We miss a player like Rafa. As a fan, you don't know how long Djokovic will be around; Rafa is not here and Federer has retired. There is a significant void, which Alcaraz is filling for the moment. 

Continuing further, he concluded:

Medvedev has also had success and Sinner next year is one to watch….. But that doesn't take away from the fact that the void is very big.

Nadal and Djokovic have dominated the men’s league over the past generation. They have kept the audience on their feet with their rivalry. Their absence would surely leave an irreplaceable void in the heart of tennis.

The youngsters in tennis are surely rising the ranks and are trying to continue the works of Nadal and Djokovic. Next season, fans can witness Nadal’s iconic return and see him play against the rising stars of the sport.

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