“Our fan base grew 65%!” Dana White on the UFC’s proactive approach during COVID-19 lockdown

Even facing a major global pandemic, UFC CEO, Dana White had positioned the promotion for a prime spotlight return.

“Our fan base grew 65%!” Dana White on the UFC’s proactive approach during COVID-19 lockdown

Dana White's UFC maintained an healthy upkeep and media turnover during COVID-19 (Source: Instagram)

Love him or hate him, there’s no denying that UFC CEO and taskmaster Dana White is a deserving helmsman. And a fine promoter of the sport at that one. The UFC was the first sports league to commence operation amid the COVID-19 crisis. On the Truth podcast, White recently detailed the lengths he went to, to keep the business afloat. He has also contributed a lot to protect and safeguard employees during the pandemic.


For example, he went to war of words, defending UFC’s color commentator, Joe Rogan, with both being very critical of the stance the US government took in handling COVID-19. Numerous artists boycotted Spotify, only to later return to the platform, on Rogan’s controversial takes on the matter. Now, here’s what White has said on “The Rush” podcast, with Maxx Crosby

100% [on fans being loyal and tapping in to watch from home] Yeah, our fan base grew like 65% during COVID...[attributing to]obviously, the personal stuff like I didn't lay off any employees...honored every fighter contract we have throughout COVID, whether it was sponsorship television, everything.
Dana White via Maxx Crosby Podcast

Time and again, Dana White has touted his pride in what he has accomplished amidst the pandemic. Even controversial kickboxer, Andrew Tate had heaped lots of praise on “OG” White, for dealing with the pandemic brazenly and head-on. Built primarily around live events, Endeavor laid off or cut pay for one-third of its 7,500 worldwide employees. Not for UFC though; which White has noted many times.

Sprawling around in the company’s headquarters in southwest Las Vegas, White has reveled in them working hard and staying afloat. Despite Endeavor not collecting on a $300 million dividend payment from the UFC, they remained intact. Adversely, television and media views were at an all-time high.


Dana White and UFC refusing to bow down during COVID-19 pandemic: A Massive and unsmooth Saga

Even inside a massive pandemic-proof bubble dubbed “Fight Island,” Dana White learned that close acquaintance, Donald Trump had tested positive for COVID-19. Later on, even White and his family tested positive for a milder strain.

The tale of UFC vs. COVID-19
The tale of UFC vs. COVID-19 (Source: Twitter)

White later informed that Joe Rogan’s advisement and recovery methods had helped him a lot.  The host of the prominent The Joe Rogan Experience podcast – The JRE MMA show, himself faced a lot of flak for misinformed stances on COVID.

The buck did not stop with White. Veterans like Alexander Volkanovski tested positive too. There was much controversy going around the legitimacy of treatments.

An article from the NY Post, based on a study from the Global Vaccine Data Network, analyzed 99 million+ receiving jabs in 8+ nations reported an increase in morbidity. Jake Shields, having staple reactions to such, later chimed in on the vaccine studies from companies like Pfizer, Moderna, and AstraZeneca.


With such turmoil and hazard around, White later took offense to boxing promoter Oscar De La Hoya ripping into him for UFC 266 fighter pay. That, and apparently “faking” a case of COVID-19.

Such instances and reactions only cover a pint of the aftermath the pandemic had, or what the promotion went through. Dana Whtie and Co. have come a great distance, achieving what no other sporting league, let alone combats sports promotion could.

Currently, UFC edges closer to its historic tricentennial event and UFC 299 before that. UFC 299 (PPV) takes place on Mar. 10 / 11:00 AM GMT+8. at the Kaseya Center, Miami United States.

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