“Calmed the beast”- Deiveson Figueiredo recalls he entered the cage at UFC 277 looking for a fight but Brandon Moreno calmed him down

Brandon Moreno and Deiveson Figueiredo will be the first fighters in the UFC to have competed against each other a record 4 times for the title as they prepare for an early 2023 date.

deiveson figueiredo x Brandon Moreno
Figueiredo reveals that he initially entered the octagon at UFC 277 looking to start problems

Deiveson Figueiredo and Brandon Moreno have no choice but to face each other inside the cage for a record fourth time in the UFC. What started as a wish by Deiveson to headline two PPVs in a short span, led to Moreno receiving a title shot, has down the road transpired into one of the most exciting rivalries in all of sport.

The two flyweights have faced thrice now, all three being Championship bouts. One of them went Figgy’s way, while Moreno gained the finish over Figgy in the second. The first fight ended in a highly debated draw, one that many fans speculate only happen because of a point deduction on Figgy’s side.

The build-up to their third fight was the ugliest of them all. Both fighters trash-talked more than usual. Figgy even accused Brandon Moreno’s teammates of making racist social media posts against him, leading him to threaten to call off the fight. All of this was further exacerbated by the fact that the King of Cringe, Henry Cejudo was working Figgy’s corner and was also in his ear helping him come up with responses during the presser.

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Deiveson Figueiredo wishes to fight Brandon Moreno in Brazil

deiveson figueiredo x Brandon Moreno
Deiveson and Moreno during their second fight

As Moreno won the interim Title via a body kick KO Of Kai Kara France, Figgy was right beside the cage, looking up to his next opponent. During his octagon interview, Moreno happens to ask, “Where is Deiveson?” prompting the Brazillian to get up from his seat and walk over to the cage, with his belt on his shoulder. Considering the build-up to their last fight, it would be an understatement to say UFC security were on the edge.

Every time Deiveson has entered the octagon, it has been a festival for violence, you don’t simply get the nickname Deus Da Guerra (God OF War) However Moreno’s kind demeanor and apologetic words got the better of the Brazillian who walked away much calmer than he had entered. He revealed what was going through his mind on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani

“When I enter the cage, I enter the cage with rage, I always look for the knockout but you know, Brandon was so sweet during the interview that it was contagious and it kinda rubbed off on me,” said Eric Albarracin, Figgy’s coach as he worked as the translator. “It calmed the beast in me, but now I’m back , the rage is back and I’m coming for a knockout in the fourth fight,” said the Brazillian about his state of mind in preparing for the bout

Both Figgy and Brandon have expressed interest in a date around the end of this year or early next year to unify the belts. However, Deiveson wishes the bout to be held in Brazil, something Moreno doesn’t mind.

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