Jade Cargill takes a blunt shot at CM Punk’s controversial WWE return promo on last week’s Raw

The former AEW TBS Champion didn't burn any bridges like CM Punk did in WWE, and she has already made some friends.

Jade Cargill takes a blunt shot at CM Punk’s controversial WWE return promo on last week’s Raw

Jade Cargill and CM Punk [via- WWE]

On a Sunday night, Jade Cargill decided to have her say on CM Punk‘s Raw promo, which many thought was a tad underwhelming. He didn’t drop any AEW references and decided not to wash his dirty linen in public. However, Punk couldn’t do so as he signed an NDA, which precludes him from openly discussing his past.

Punk’s contentious final minutes on last week’s Raw were quite pensive, to say the least. Just before going off-camera, The Best in the World said he was not here to make friends but to make money. It appears like former AEW star Jade Cargill too has a similar faith, but with a slight interpolation in the context. She took to X and said that she’s already got friends; she just wants money.


On one hand, Punk is all about seizing the bag. At one point in time, both Punk and Cargill proudly represented All Elite Wrestling. Today, once again, they find themselves under the same working roof, but for a different promotion.

Many would feel that WWE is delaying the debut of Jade Cargill on television. However, as revealed by Triple H during the Survivor Series presser, the 31-year-old will make her mark when she feels right. Some reports suggest that Jade’s been a regular visitor at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando. She is getting ring ready and NXT Superstar Roxanne Perez is the one helping her out.

She’s steadily brushing up her skills before stepping on the gas pedal. Once she’s ready for the big leagues, both Adam Pearce and Nick Aldis will try to sign her for their respective brands. Also, a nice little on-screen interaction between Jade Cargill and CM Punk on WWE television would be worth watching.


CM Punk returns to WWE SmackDown this week

This Friday on SmackDown, CM Punk will make his first appearance for the blue brand in almost a decade. Though the fans could only speculate on what The Second City Savior would do being there, many have been craving a Paul Heyman interaction with him.

CM Punk and Paul Heyman
CM Punk and Paul Heyman [via- Fightful on X]

It doesn’t need to be mentioned how deep their history runs in this business. Before siding with Brock Lesnar, Paul Heyman was the manager of CM Punk, and they did some of the best work together.

At this point, Heyman has turned into a Wiseman for Roman Reigns, who’s rumored to have a lengthy program with CM Punk in the future. It would seem like a missed opportunity if Punk and Heyman remain untouched when SmackDown rolls through Providence this week.


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