WATCH: Karrion Kross’ cryptic vignette on SmackDown heavily teases the return of former Tag Team Champions

Karrion Kross' SmackDown promo suggested that The AOP is coming back.

WATCH: Karrion Kross’ cryptic vignette on SmackDown heavily teases the return of former Tag Team Champions

Karrion Kross on SmackDown [via- Wrestle Ops on X]

WWE may finally have something big on the cards for Karrion Kross. If last night’s SmackDown was any indication of how things would pan out, The Harbinger of Doom is coming after everyone. In a cryptic vignette, Kross talked about how every single superstar he’s feuded with thus far has not been the same ever since. In a promo that did catch the imagination of the WWE Universe, he implicitly teased the return of The Authors of Pain.

First, he talked about The Bloodline. Going back in time, Karrion Kross highlighted the warning shots he provided to Roman Reigns and his cousins. And Kross couldn’t be judged wrong by what he said. The Bloodline hasn’t been hitting the same way as it did a few months ago. Next, he brought Drew McIntyre into the picture and gave thought to their tumultuous rivalry.

Kross once again seemed correct in his explanation, as he mentioned taking away Drew’s temperament. And right now, The Scottish Warrior is just an unhinged falcon who’s mentally battered and ready to go to any lengths to taste championship success. Again, Karrion Kross was not done, as he took immense pride in making a legend like Rey Mysterio impatient to the degree that he spanked his own son in front of his mother.

Last but certainly not least, he cited Shinsuke Nakamura‘s example. Kross and Shin did get into a mini beef earlier this year. He even namedropped “Authors” and it was apparent who Kross was talking about. It seems like Paul Ellering, the original manager of AOP, is also coming back.

The pairing of Karrion Kross with The AOP could be catastrophic

The fans have already started reacting big time to the plan laid out by Karrion Kross. An unceremonious association is palpably on the cards.

Karrion Kross and The AOP
Karrion Kross and The AOP [via-WWE]

The last time they were around in WWE, Akam, and Rezar had a glaring omission in the form of their longtime associate, Paul Ellering. However, as depicted by last night’s promo, he’s going to be aligned with The AOP, which further seems set to work in tandem with Karrion Kross and Scarlett.

This could be a formidable group of men putting the entire blue brand on notice. And for a heads up, The AOP has been signed with WWE for well over a year. The team was just waiting for creative plans to be in place.

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