WWE NXT results (Samoa Joe returns, Raquel Gonzalez returns to tag team action) – 15th June 2021

Checkout the WWE NXT results from the fallout episode of TakeOver: In Your House, where Samoa Joe made his return.

wwe nxt results
WWE NXT Women's Champion Raquel Gonzalez in action

WWE NXT results for the fallout episode of the NXT TakeOver: In Your House. One of the biggest talking points from the PPV, was about NXT General manager William Regal talking about the need for a change. The show kicked off with a huge announcement from William Regal.

NXT General Manager William Regal’s segment

wwe nxt results
NXT GM William Regal

The NXT General Manager began his journey on WWE NXT as a commentator and went on to run the show. He has seen the brand grow and all the hard work that has gone in to achieving that. He shed some tears as he went down the memory lane.

From San Jose to Brooklyn, to Houston, to Portland and everywhere around the world, Regal gave everything he had to the NXT fans. But before he could finish, he was interrupted by NXT Champion Karrion Kross and Scarlett. Kross mentioned that he had come out to witness Regal’s retirement.

Kross teased Regal for crying and asked him to accept that he lost control at TakeOver: In Your House. But Kross could control the chaos on the brand.

Samoa Joe returns

wwe nxt results
Regal with Samoa Joe

Kross looked visibly scared as Samoa Joe walked down to the ring. Regal revealed that he had offered the role of the GM to Joe as he could demand the respect from the entire division, but Joe declined.

Joe stated that Regal had done a fantastic job in building the brand internationally, and he couldn’t fir Regal’s shoes. But Joe has promised to make sure that Regal gets the respect he deserves from everyone, including Kross.

But there were a couple of stipulations: Joe cannot compete and not lay his hands on competitors, unless provoked. The second stipulation scared Kross, as Joe demanded him to leave the ring.

Breezango def. Imperium

wwe nxt results
Breezango and IMPERIUM

Tyler Breeze locked up with Marcel Barthel as soon as the match began. Fandango tagged in but was taken down when Fabian Aichner caught him with an arm drag. Breeze hit Barthel with a dive, but Imperium teamed up to knock Fandango off the top rope.

Barthel choked out Fandango, but lost control and was nearly rolled up. Fandango managed to escape from Barthel’s grasp and hit a back drop allowing Breeze to run in.

The momentum seemed to be on Breeze’s side but he was hit with a lariat from Aichner. Breeze countered a suplex with an inside cradle for the win.

Backstage a brawl broke out between Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly, but Samoa Joe was seen in action as he separated the duo. Cole provoked Joe and was taken out by the Coquina Clutch.

Kushida def. Trey Baxter (retains Cruiserweight Championship)

wwe nxt results
Kushida and Baxter

Second week in a row, the NXT Cruiserweight Championship Open Challenge was issued, as Kushida hoped to highlight the division as much as he could as champion. His opponent tonight was Trey Baxter (formerly known as Blake Christian).

Trey managed to stay ahead of Kushida in the initial stages of the match with his blinding speed, and hit the champ with a springboard clothesline. Kushida was hit by a dive from Trey as both men were down on the floor.

Kyle O’Reilly appeared on stage as Kushida hit the toss/dropkick combo. But Baxter countered with a Neuralizer. He followed it up with a running Spanish Fly and a springboard 450 Splash. But Kushida managed to apply the Hoverboard Lock to win via submission.

KOR got inside the ring and challenged Kushida for a match next week. Kushida accepted.

NXT Million Dollar Man Coronation

wwe nxt results
Knight attacked Dibiase

At NXT TakeOver: In Your House, LA Knight defeated Cameron Grimes in a ladder match to win the Million Dollar Championship. Ted Dibiase and his security came down to the ring. Knight mentioned that Dibiase was one of his heroes growing up.

He continued to praise the WWE Hall of Famer as the crowd chanted Cameron Grimes. Dibiase placed the title on Knight’s shoulder as they did the Million Dollar laugh. But Knight surprised everyone by attacking Dibiase.

Cameron Grimes ran in and made the save. He launched Knight to the floor and checked on Dibiase.

Raquel Gonzalez and Dakota Kai def. Kacy Catanzaro and Kayden Carter

wwe nxt results
Gonzalez and Catanzaro

As the match began, Kai was taken down by Catanzaro and Carter. Gonzalez was tagged in and was immediately caught in an octopus stretch. Kai tagged back in and continued to struggle she taken down to the floor with a headscissor takedown.

Gonzalez tagged back in and hit a tilt-a-whirl sidewalk slam and Kai followed up with the Gory Bomb/ Codebreaker combination. She followed up with the Go To Kick for the win.

Io Shirai’s segment

wwe nxt results
Hartwell attacked Shirai

The former NXT Women’s Champion mentioned that she was back and felt good. She was about to reveal her next target before she was interrupted by her long-time rival Candice LeRae. She and Indi Hartwell attacked Shirai.

Zoey Stark ran in to make the save as Shirai too managed to hit a springboard dropkick.

Tommaso Ciampa and Timothy Thatcher def. Grizzled Young Veterans

wwe nxt results
Thatcher and Ciampa dominated the match

Ciampa began with the double clothesline, but it was countered with the leg trip/basement dropkick. No matter how hard Thatcher tried, he was not allowed to get anywhere close to Ciampa. But Ciampa soon managed to drop Drake face first and sent Gibson to the floor. Thatcher and Ciampa hit a series of clotheslines.

Ciampa escaped a Doomsday Device attempt and dropped Drake with a Bret’s rope Air Raid Crash. Thatcher took Gibson down for a heel hook, but Gibson fought back. GYV dropped Thatcher with an elevated backstabber, but Ciampa broke up the pin.

Drake kept Thatcher in the ring as Gibson tried to piledrive Ciampa through the table, but Ciampa countered with the Air Raid Crash. Thatcher and Ciampa took turns slapping Drake’s mouth. The Fairy Tale Ending planted Drake, and he was forced to tap to the ankle lock and armbar.

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