Who is Mandy Rose boyfriend Tino Sabbatelli and how did they meet?

Who is Mandy Rose boyfriend Tino Sabbatelli and how did they meet?

Mandy Rose (Image Credits- WWE)

Mandy Rose made her way to the top after being considered an underwhelming talent. She was signed to WWE until she was shockingly released in 2022 due to the company’s objections to her posting adult content. While many might think that Mandy is single, but in reality she has been in a relationship for a long time and is engaged as well.

Mandy Rose has been engaged to former WWE wrestler Tino Sabbatelli who has also worked in AEW under the ring name Sabby. Sabbatelli, whose real name is Sabatino Piscitelli hails from Florida, US. He has been dating the former NXT Women’s Champion since 2018 and the couple officially announced their engagement in September, 2022.


Sabbatelli met Rose during his time in WWE. Mandy Rose’s boyfriend had signed with NXT in 2014 and remained in the company for around 6 years. Rose also joined the company around the same time, when she made her NXT debut in 2016 and thus the two shared a great time backstage and became close to each other.

Since then the two have maintained mutual respect for each other which can be seen in various interviews given by them over the period of time. Before dating Tino, Rose was in a long time relationship with Micheal Lubic. The two reportedly started dating in 2010 before announcing their engagement in 2016 but soon parted ways when things didn’t work out for them.

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What was Mandy Rose’s boyfriend’s reaction to her on-screen romance

Mandy Rose with Tino Sabbatelli
Mandy Rose is currently engaged to Tino Sabbatelli (Image Credits – Fightful)

One of the most highlighted moments of Mandy Rose’s career was her romantic storyline with fellow SmackDown superstar Otis. The storyline would revolve around Otis liking Mandy and doing all in his power to attract his love interest towards him. While the WWE Universe loved the storyline many were curious how Mandy’s real life boyfriend must’ve reacted to the situation.

Mandy Rose in an interview with TV Series Hub revealed that it was all chill when it came to his boyfriend’s reaction to the storyline with Otis. She revealed that since her boyfriend is also a professional wrestler, he very well understands the dynamics of the industry and thus knows that it’s all part of the storyline and entertainment. She further added that only this kind of trust is needed to build a relationship.

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Mandy Rose also revealed that she was the one who pitched the storyline idea to Vince McMahon. She said that since her NXT days Otis used to tell everyone that how he liked her in a cute way, thus she thought that it would be a great idea to incorporate this into a storyline and she herself went to “The Boss” and pitched the idea. Vince liked the idea straight off the bat and put both of them in a programme together.

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