WATCH: “Karats are good for eyes” – $450 million worth Floyd Mayweather shows off gold-plated sunglass collection to 30 million fanbase

The TBE Floyd Mayweather showcases his dazzling watch collection on his social media.

WATCH: “Karats are good for eyes” – $450 million worth Floyd Mayweather shows off gold-plated sunglass collection to 30 million fanbase

Floyd Mayweather (image credit- IMAGO)

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is renowned for his extravagant wealth. The former five-division boxing world champion is particularly fond of purchasing many high-priced watches. Mayweather is known for being one of the highest-earning athletes in the world. His boxing career has generated significant wealth, particularly from high-profile fights and pay-per-view events.

Floyd Mayweather took to Instagram on Friday to promote his wealth by showing his extensive sunglass collection. Furthermore, Mayweather showed his sunglass collection. This is what he wrote as a caption:

Traveling for 2 weeks, so I brought 14 pair of shades to peep the haters. They always said karats are good for vision.
Floyd Mayweather via Instagram

Money has established himself as one of the most well-paid athletes in history. It is not difficult to understand how he achieved this position, as he has had numerous high-profile matches against renowned boxers, including Oscar De La Hoya, Canelo Alvarez, Manny Pacquiao, and Conor McGregor.

The two high-profile PPV events against McGregor and Pacquiao generated an estimated $600 million in revenue for the former world champion. Although Mayweather is no longer a pro boxer, he still competes in exhibition bouts. Additionally, he owns several New York City skyscrapers.

Floyd Mayweather’s next fight

Mayweather is set to take on John Gotti III once more in a boxing match, one year after the first fight that ended with a brawl. Last month, Mayweather and Gotti squared off in an exhibition fight that took place in Sunrise, Florida. The fight was postponed after both men’s entourage members got into a scuffle outside the ring.

Floyd Mayweather
Floyd Mayweather (image credits- Marca)

After the dust had settled, Gotti and Mayweather squared off for six rounds of boxing. It was a great fight, and ‘Money’ showed why he’s one of the best boxers ever. Furthermore, he danced all over Gotti and dominated the fight until the referee stopped it. Subsequently, after the fight, Gotti and Mayweather tried to get back in the ring.

Gotti is from the New York mafia, and he said he had “marked” Floyd for life. After the wild night, their first match turned out to be, it looks like John Gotti III finally got his wish and got another shot at Mayweather. Hopefully, this time the duo can avoid instigating a brawl.

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