“Kind of crazy accusations”: Valkyrae provides her take on the recent Nadeshot-Froste controversy

“Kind of crazy accusations”: Valkyrae provides her take on the recent Nadeshot-Froste controversy

What did Valkyrae say on the recent 100 Thieves controversy?

YouTube sensation Rachell ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter decided to add her opinion on the boiling controversy between Nadeshot and Froste, which has currently spread like wildfire on Twitter. As Valkyrae is the co-owner of 100 Thieves, fans were curious to know the streamer’s response on this matter.

Valkyrae is one of the founding members of popular gaming lifestyle brand and eSports organization 100 Thieves. She also creates content for the organization on a regular basis playing Valorant or appearing in podcasts with the other members.


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Valkyrae responds on Froste’s shocking accusations on 100 Thieves

"Kind of crazy accusations": Valkyrae provides her take on the recent Nadeshot-Froste controversy
Valkyrae is the co-owner for 100 Thieves

It was quite a day for the members of 100 Thieves as one of their former members who joined after the collaboration with The Mob happened, started putting up accusations that the organization didn’t provide them with enough money so that they can afford their housing rent at L.A. Moreover, the former member who goes by the name Froste claimed that the organization took advantage of the content creators of The Mob.

While 100 Thieves’ CEO Matthew ‘NaDeShoT’ Haag was quick to provide his response on the apparently wrongful accusations, claiming that the content creators were released from the organization as they did not deliver any content, fans were more eager to hear the response of Valkyrae.


The ‘Queen of YouTube’ did address the issue when she was playing PlateUp! along with the other streamers such as Sykkuno and xChocobars. She stated that she was well aware about the ‘predatory’ accusations made by Froste but she was yet to see NadeShot’s response on it.

"I did see that Froste tweet that he has nothing to gain from this, which isn't true. You gain exposure and clout, obviously."

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Valkyrae further claimed that she is very curious to see what the CEO of 100 Thieves has to say on this as didn’t watch the Twitch video by Nadeshot before hosting her own livestream. The YouTuber seemed quite serious about the issue as when one of the viewers asked her not to bring up the issue again, she stated-

"I mean, it's important! I mean, this dude is... I don't know, kind of crazy accusations. Kind of crazy, about 100 Thieves!"

After Nadeshot responded to these accusations, Froste stated that he was lying and he has proof that states otherwise. Calling out 100 Thieves for taking their advantage, the controversy still seems to be going on with different streamers as well as fans putting in their opinions on the ongoing 100 Thieves drama.

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