“Niners aren’t doing a DAMN thing except paying this guy”: Rich Eisen believes Deebo Samuel’s absence at the OTA means nothing

Rich Eisen believes that Deebo Samuel and the San Francisco 49ers will work out a deal in order to stay together as it is too late for them to part ways

Deebo Samuel

The San Francisco 49ers have started their OTA or Organized Team Activities from today. This means that every single member of the team is supposed to show up and play and practice. However, Deebo Samuel, the wideout for the team who demanded a trade from the team earlier in the season and then later changed his mind because things appeared to have been sorted, is not going to be attending the OTA.

But just his absence from OTAs does not mean he does not want to be a part of the 49ers as per Rich Eisen who believes it is not surprising. “That is not a surprise at all, I’m just going to tell everybody out there and Niners nation, every single time he does not show up between now and training camp, and even if he does not show up at the beginning of training camp, everybody just take a deep breath and relax and let go. Because Deebo is either going to be sitting at the crib or playing football for the San Francisco 49ers.” Rich Eisen believes that the team is not going to do anything but pay the wideout considering that they are post-draft now and do not have as much leverage.

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“Post-draft the Niners aren’t gonna do a DAMN thing but pay this guy” Rich Eisen on Deebo Samuel:

Deebo Samuel
Deebo Samuel will stick with the San Francisco 49ers as per Rich Eisen

Considering that it is past the NFL draft now, Rich Eisen believes that the San Francisco 49ers do not have much leverage on Deebo Samuel. They have no other option but to either “paying this guy and come to some form of agreement or Deebo is going to play his one year left on his deal and then get franchise tagged,” similar to Davante Adams.

Earlier this week, Eisen spoke to George Kittle, he asked him why Deebo Samuel may not want to remain a 49er. The team is not changing their coaches and their uniforms as Samuel has complained about the way that he was used last season. George Kittle as well never said that “Deebo loves it here.” He said that “he’ll either play here or not, we want him to play here but if he doesn’t then you know, I wish nothing but the best.”

The San Francisco 49ers are likely to start Trey Lance in week 1 and there is a chance that Samuel likes Lance as his QB1 better than Jimmy G. Rich Eisen is already calling it, “It’s gonna be Trey Lance people, there will be a lot of that cheese laid out there for OTA but it’s gonna be Trey Lance.”

Does this mean that it is all over for Jimmy G in San Francisco? In all likelihood, yes. Lance was the team’s long-term vision and they held on to Jimmy G as they wanted a mentor for Lance. But in the offseason, more than Jimmy G, Lance has been working out with George Kittle and other receivers which means he is probably going to start. Deebo Samuel stayed back just because he saw something in Lance and he feels this will be a better situation for him than if Jimmy G was the starting QB for the team.

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