Did WWE make a mistake by bringing back CM Punk? Analyzing pros and cons of controversial wrestler’s shocking return

Take a closer look at the detailed breakdown of the pros and cons of WWE bringing back the contentious CM Punk.

Did WWE make a mistake by bringing back CM Punk? Analyzing pros and cons of controversial wrestler’s shocking return

CM Punk at WWE Survivor Series (via X)

The Best in the World, CM Punk, sent the entire WWE Universe into a frenzy this past Saturday. A couple of years ago, Punk’s return to WWE was a pipe dream for many fans. The relationship between the superstar and WWE deteriorated to the point where his comeback was deemed next to impossible. However, hell indeed froze over at the 2023 Survivor Series.

The 45-year-old made a predictable yet flabbergasting return at the end of the Survivor Series WarGames. Ever since returning to the company, the superstar has smashed record after record. Punk created a new milestone for the company by giving WWE its biggest social moment in history.


In less than three days of his return, the Straight Edge Superstar managed to become the top merchandise seller on the WWE Shop. He eclipsed the likes of Roman Reigns, L.A. Knight, and even Cody Rhodes to attain this feat. In addition to that, the spectacular return of CM Punk and Randy Orton significantly boosted the ratings of the red brand.

The Second City Saint also addressed his fans on the November 27 edition of Monday Night Raw. The superstar got people talking about the emphatic promo despite the limited screen time allotted to him. In other news, it has also been reported that the company is brewing two box-office showdowns for the Best in the World.

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Is bringing CM Punk to WWE a bad move?

The Straight Edge Superstar has never given a definitive full form to the initials of his ring name. It nonetheless wouldn’t be amiss to argue that “Controversy Magnet” is a befitting sobriquet for the former WWE champion. The superstar has been embroiled in a slew of controversies throughout his wrestling career. As a result, Punk is often regarded as the most polarizing wrestler in the business today.

CM Punk
CM Punk at Monday Night Raw (via WWE)

During his run with WWE, the superstar quit the company in a controversial fashion. Seven years later, he made his return to professional wrestling in AEW. However, his second chapter in wrestling wasn’t as smooth as the 45-year-old might’ve initially expected. In almost a year after his return, Punk found himself in deep waters of controversy. It wouldn’t be amiss to assume that the superstar’s temper is his worst enemy.

A disgruntled CM Punk aired the dirty laundry of AEW’s backstage politics at the All Out 2022 media scrum. It was when the superstar had a fallout with the popular AEW faction, The Elite. In September 2023, AEW decided to part ways with the superstar and finally terminated his contract. His firing was a direct consequence of his physical brawl with Jack Perry at All In. These past incidents are clear indicators of the things WWE has to be cautious about when dealing with Punk in his second run.


What makes CM Punk’s addition to WWE a smart decision?

Whether fans love him or hate him, the superstar is never in oblivion. CM Punk is invariably the buzzing topic of the wrestling world every day. The expression “out of sight, out of mind” is most definitely not applicable for the Straight Edge Superstar. The WWE Universe has chanted his name across arenas over the last ten years or so.

CM Punk
CM Punk interacting with fans after Raw went off-air (via WWE)

Needless to say, CM Punk is a massive draw in the wrestling world. He was the first superstar to give AEW its first-ever $1 million PPV gate at Double or Nothing 2022. With his shocking return, the 45-year-old recreated a similar phenomenon in WWE. As mentioned above in the article, the Second City Saint played a pivotal role in the booming success of the Survivor Series PLE.

Punk, along with Orton, helped boost the ratings of Raw in the face of Monday Night Football. On the flip side, the Best in the World made a heartfelt statement to the fans this Monday. The superstar claimed that he has changed while describing WWE as his home. His profound statement has rekindled a sense of optimism among the fans. Many fans are hopeful that he indeed wants to start afresh with a clean slate.


Moreover, it was CM Punk who opened the line of communication with WWE, according to reports. The 45-year-old has willingly come back to the company to start his WWE career on a fresh note. In other news, it has also been suggested that Punk has no intention of reiterating his AEW controversies in WWE. Moreover, the company has also put forth a specific condition before signing the Second City Saint. At the end, if WWE manages to keep CM Punk out of any controversy, this could be one of their biggest achievements, as it is obvious that The Best in the World on a wrestling show is money.

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