“It is you that needs to change!” Tamina Snuka blasts wrestling organizations for discriminating against Muslim women

The daughter of legendary Jimmy Snuka, Tamina is upset on the lack of opportunities for Muslim women in pro wrestling. She has advocated and raised voice for them through her Twitter Account.

“It is you that needs to change!” Tamina Snuka blasts wrestling organizations for discriminating against Muslim women

Tamina Snuka (Source: Pinterest)

WWE superstar Tamina Snuka recently took to Twitter to express her concerns about Muslim women not being able to pursue their careers in the world of wrestling. Tamina seemed to support Muslim women and called out pro wrestling companies for not providing them with an environment to compete.


The sport of professional wrestling has evolved over the years. Women wrestlers are represented more than ever. However, there remain some flaws and shortcomings in the system. On the same issue, Tamina tweeted the following:

This whole scenario started with coverage from The Huffington Post. The coverage included a story about three Muslim women not being able to follow their dreams of becoming pro wrestlers. For context, Muslim women are supposed to cover most of their bodies, including their arms and hair. There are strict laws in the religion for non-believers.

The story received many reactions from viewers all over the world. One of the most prominent reactions came from the legendary Jimmy Snuka’s daughter. She seemed outraged at the whole situation.


Tamina advocated for the rights of women to follow their beliefs. She insisted that the sport of professional wrestling be more inclusive and open to women from all backgrounds.

Discrimination has no place in today’s society. Everyone should be allowed to follow their ambitions. Religious customs should not be stated as a reason to stop someone from competing in a sport.

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Tamina Snuka’s WWE run

Tamina and the Usos
The Usos and Tamina Snuka (Source: WWE)

Tamina is the daughter of the WWE Hall of Famer; Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka. She is also a descendant of the legendary Anoa’i family. Tamina entered WWE in 2010 along with The Uso Brothers. The trio attacked the Hart Dynasty on the show.


Tamina played heel for most part of her career. She was, however, placed in a romantic angle with Santino Marella. Tamina also played the role of AJ Lee’s bodyguard from 2013 to 14. She also became a part of Team B.A.D. aligning with Naomi. For a brief period of time, she formed a tag team with Nia Jax. The Samoan powerhouse was last seen in the 24/7 championship fiasco. Currently, she is not much active and does not make frequent appearances in WWE.

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