WWE tested CM Punk with Seth Rollins hurling abuses at him during his Survivor Series return

WWE might be building up to a huge feud between Seth Rollins and CM Punk as they were testing the stars during Survivor Series.

WWE tested CM Punk with Seth Rollins hurling abuses at him during his Survivor Series return

CM Punk and Seth Rollins (via X)

The Best in the World CM Punk shocked the world when he finally returned to WWE at the Survivor Series. Every person in the Allstate Arena was bonkers as the Second City Saint made his way through the curtain. However, Seth Rollins‘ behavior caught fans’ attention and generated a lot of buzz on the internet. Recently, in a report, it was revealed that it was all an angle created by WWE to set up a Rollins and Punk feud in the future.

In the report by the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, it was stated that Seth Rollins was working at the time of the Survivor Series. WWE wanted to film an angle where the Visionary was trying to get the Second City Saint. Moreover, it was also revealed that Seth agreed to work with CM Punk earlier this year.

WWE ran an angle backstage with Seth Rollins trying to get at Punk. Rollins was asked months back about Punk coming back and said that we don’t need that cancer here. But later, he walked back on that, since anyone who follows wrestling history would have believed there was a chance, and probably a good one.
Wrestling Observer Newsletter on CM Punk and Seth Rollins

It was all centered around the Visionary calling CM Punk a cancer in a candid video. Therefore, WWE tried to develop the story between the two megastars around their real-life beef. Besides, Seth Rollins’ abuse and outrage for the Best in the World was all part of an angle created for testing by WWE.

Later on, after the incident, Seth addressed the situation at a live event and on Raw as well. It looks like WWE has started preparing for the blockbuster feud between the Architect and the Second City Saint. Only time will tell when CM Punk will drop an angle on Seth Rollins to further progress their storyline. It is turning out to be engrossing to see the future of the two stars in WWE from here on out.

Scotty 2 Hotty states that CM Punk’s return has made everything hot again

CM Punk returned to WWE at the Survivor Series with a bang. Many veterans of professional wrestling shared their views on the mega return. Recently, former WWE superstar Scotty 2 Hotty expressed himself on one of the biggest comebacks in sports entertainment.

CM Punk
CM Punk (via WWE)

In an interview with Inside The Ropes, Scotty 2 Hotty stated that this is the time that has sparked the interest of many fans once again in professional wrestling. Moreover, he even compared the return of Best in the World with the Lex Luger, Kevin Nash, and Scott Hall incidents on Monday Nitro.

I think it's awesome. I think it's awesome just because it's created interest, right? Everybody's talking about it. It's led to what's making everything hot again, you know? And that's kind of like when you had Nitro, and you had Lex Luger showing up on Monday Nitro when you didn't know he was going to be there, and then you know Hall and Nash showed up.
Scotty 2 Hotty on CM Punk

Moreover, Scotty stated that this return has made everything in WWE hot again. In addition to that, he praised WWE for executing this internet-shattering return so smoothly. It is going to get more and more captivating from here on out for the future of CM Punk.

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