WWE Superstars reveal the most painful move they have suffered in the ring

Several WWE superstars, like Liv Morgan, The Miz, and many others, were asked about the most painful move that they suffered in the ring.

WWE Superstars reveal the most painful move they have suffered in the ring

Several superstars suffering the wrath of some painful moves (via WWE)

WWE Superstars are some of the most respected personalities in the entertainment industry. The stars risk their lives for the sake of the business because of their pure passion for this sport. While taking the beatings from their opponents, they might feel far worse than the audience might notice. But the love of this business and the sole purpose of the audience’s entertainment keep them on their game.


There are times when the stars sell their beatings and make them feel real to the audience. But sometimes, they feel the pain of the attack and showcase their true emotions on the screen. No wonder they are called professional wrestlers after their tremendous play with their bodies in a tremendously risky environment.

A video shared by WWE on their official Twitter handle asks several stars about the most painful move they’ve ever received. Where various stars like Zelina Vega, The Miz, and six others were asked the question, to which their replies came up with extreme past experiences. The video with the caption “Their PAIN is our pleasure💥🤕” describes the essence of WWE. The following is a list of those stars and their statements upon receiving those painful moves:

1. Zelina Vega

The video started with a WWE social media team member asking Zelina Vega about the most painful move. Queen Zelina was seen having a black chancla (flip flop) in her left hand and answered the question with the sassiest of her moods. Vega stated that The Riptide by Rhea Ripley was the most painful move for her, followed by an eye roll. The video even showed a clip of Rhea Ripley’s Riptide on Zelina from their match on RAW in 2021.

Rhea Ripley and Charlotte Flair
Rhea Ripley performs Riptide on Charlotte Flair (via WWE)

Rhea and Vega’s spectacular match came at the Backlash PLE for the SmackDown Women’s Championship. Vega, being a hometown girl, gained all the support and cheers from the Puerto Rican crowd. Although Queen Zelina lost the bout, she still managed to gain the respect of everybody after a tough fight with Rhea.

2. Sonya Deville and Chelsea Green

The next-up stars were Sonya Deville and Chelsea Green, who were asked about it differently. But with Deville and Green being a tag team, their great chemistry was visible as their answers matched each other. Apparently, Sonya and Chelsea stated Raquel Rodriguez’s Tejana Bomb was “hands down” their most painful move.

Shotzi and Raquel Rodriguez
Raquel Rodriguez’s Tejana Bomb on Shotzi (via WWE)

Both Sonya and Chelsea have had several encounters with Rodriguez in the tag team division. Their matches have been held both as part of the tag team bout as well as singles matches. Both of these teams present on RAW come out as tough competition for each other with the ultimate goal of tag team gold.

3. Raquel Rodriguez

The next star who was asked the same question was none other than the aforementioned Raquel Rodriguez. Her answer for the most painful move was Shayna Baszler’s Kirifuda Clutch. She then added, “That thing got me” explaining that it was her nightmare at times. The video also showed their encounter during a gauntlet match on SmackDown. 

Shayna Baszler and Raquel Rodriguez
Shayna Baszler clutches Raquel Rodriguez (via Twitter)

Rodriguez’s epic encounter with Shayna came at Money in the Bank for the Tag Team Championship. Raquel and her partner, Liv Morgan, were successful in securing their win over Baszler and Ronda Rousey. As Shayna betrayed Ronda and cost themselves the tag team titles for the former’s personal grudges with Rousey.

4. Mansoor

Up next was Mansoor, who looked uninterested and was adjusting his watch’s time. His answer came pretty quickly, as he stated that the most painful move would be Braun Strowman’s powerbomb. After answering the question, Mansoor focused on adjusting the watch while the video showed a clip of Strowman’s powerbomb on him.

Braun Strowman and local competitors
Braun Strowman powerbombs local competitors (via WWE)

Braun and Mansoor have not been involved in a matchup yet. But their only encounter came when Strowman attacked Mace and Mansoor during the September 16, 2022, episode of SmackDown. This attack came a few weeks after Braun Strowman’s return to WWE, and he was in a rage to again state his dominance on the blue brand.

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5. The Miz

The next superstar was The A-Lister The Miz, who was seen texting on his phone while leaning against the wall. As The Miz halted texting and focused on answering the question, he stated that The Great Khali’s Punjabi Plunge was the most painful move for him. The video showed a clip of their match during an episode of RAW in 2011.

Drew McIntyre and The Great Khali
Drew McIntyre and The Great Khali (via Sports World)

The Miz and Khali’s only encounter came at the aforementioned bout in 2011. Although the match ended in no disqualification, The Great Khali came out as the winner, with Alex Riley attacking the former, who came to the aid of the WWE Champion at the time. Thus, he never actually suffered the wrath of The Punjabi Playboy.

6. Liv Morgan

The next-up superstar was Liv Morgan, who sat on a chair and was asked about the most painful move. Morgan groaned for a while as she remembered the pain she encountered while suffering the wrath of Ronda Rousey’s Armbar. Although she answered it with a cheerful face, her time during Ronda’s submission was awful.

Liv Morgan and Ronda Rousey
Ronda Rousey’s armbar on Liv Morgan (via Twitter)

Morgan and Rousey have met several times for the SmackDown Women’s Championship. Their feud began at Money in the Bank 2022, when Liv cashed in her briefcase on Ronda a few hours after winning the contract. Their rivalry continued until Extreme Rules, where her 98-day reign ended against Rousey.


7. Kit Wilson

The next star who was asked the same question was one half of the Pretty Deadly tag team, Kit Wilson. As he was present at the canteen and was looking for a meal, he stated that the painful move was Butch’s finger snaps. As he mentioned the “snap fingers” move, he broke the chopsticks kept there to add intensity to his words.

Gunther and Butch
Butch snaps Gunther’s fingers (via WWE)

As Wilson mentioned, the most painful move in the clip shown was Pretty Deadly’s match with The Brawling Brutes on NXT. But for now, both teams have been feuding ever since Pretty Deadly have been drafted to SmackDown.

8. Matt Riddle

The last star who was asked about his painful move was Matt Riddle, who answered in an elaborative way. The Original Bro stated, “Omos’ Chokeslam is probably the most painful thing I’ve taken so far in WWE!” He said it while stating that it is the move that gives it (pain) to you. Matt then concluded, adding that he does not recommend Chokeslam to anybody.

Omos and Matt Riddle
Omos chokeslams Matt Riddle (via Cageside Seats)

Omos and Riddle have had a few encounters, most of them during their tag team title feud. With AJ Styles on Omos’ side and Randy Orton on Matt’s side, the teams squared off multiple times for the tag team gold. They have also been involved in singles matches after Omos and Styles’ team broke up.


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