WWE Wrestlemania Backlash results – 16/05/2021 (5 Championship matches)

Checkout the WWE Wrestlemania Backlash results where 5 Championship matches took place and just one title changed hands.

wrestlemania backlash results
Rollins attacked Cesaro at Wrestlemania Backlash

WWE Wrestlemania Backlash kicked off with a video package which was narrated by Batista. The first match of the night was for the WWE Raw Women’s Championship.

Rhea Ripley def. Charlotte Flair and Asuka (retains Raw Women’s Championship)

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Raw Women’s Championship match

Flair began with a clothesline on Ripley. Asuka knocked Flair down and Rhea went for the cover but Asuka broke it up. Asuka went for a roll-up too but Rhea got out of it. Flair dragged Asuka to the outside and slammed her down.

Charlotte Flair ran to the ropes for a shoulder tackle but Rhea remained on her feet. Then Rhea ran to the ropes and Flair countered with a knee to the midsection. Flair got on the ring apron as Asuka grabbed Flair’s leg and Rhea knocked Flair to the outside.

Rhea got on the ring apron too and Flair tripped her down. A snap mare by Flair onto Asuka followed by a kick to the face. Flair taunted Asuka as she fought back with right hands. A back breaker by Flair sent Rhea face first into the turnbuckle. She turned around and was hit by a clothesline by Rhea.

A drop kick by Rhea onto Asuka. Rhea kneed the face of Charlotte and followed by a snap mare. Asuka kicked both Rhea and Flair. Asuka climbed the top rope and a drop kick knocked Rhea to the outside.

Asuka got on the ring apron and Flair knocked her down. Ripley got in the ring and she climbed the second rope. Rhea went for a suplex but Flair blocked it. Asuka climbed the second rope and a double suplex took Flair down.

All three women were down. Flair with a double chop block took both Rhea and Asuka down followed by a double Natural Selection. Flair covered them both but they both kicked out. Rhea attacked Asuka from behind but Asuka fought back. Asuka with the Asuka Lock on Charlotte but Flair got out of it.

Asuka kicked Flair knocking her on the ring apron. Flair fell to the outside while kicking Asuka. Rhea with the Riptide onto Asuka for the win.

Rey and Dominik Mysterio def. Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode (New Smackdown Tag Team Champions)

wrestlemania backlash results
First-ever father-son Tag team Champions

Rey threw Roode into Ziggler and Ziggler fell to the outside as the match began. Rey with a baseball slide took Ziggler down. Roode attacked Rey from behind. Roode slammed Rey face first into the ring apron. Roode lifted Rey up but he drove Roode face first into the ring post.

Roode taunted Rey but Rey with a drop toe hold. Rey got on the ring apron and he knocked Ziggler off. Rey Mysterio climbed the top rope but Ziggler tripped him up. Rey held his leg in the corner and Roode attacked it. Ziggler was tagged in. Roode lifted Rey up and Ziggler with the Famouser.

Roode slid Rey to the outside and Ziggler hit Rey with a super kick in mid-air as Rey was falling. The referee counted to nine but Rey made it back into the ring. The Dirty Dawgs went for a double suplex on Rey but he reversed it into a double DDT.

Dominik walks down to the ring holding his injured ribs. Roode lifted Rey up on his shoulders and he climbed the second rope but Rey got out of it. Rey on the top rope and hit a bulldog. Dominik tagged himself in and knocked Ziggler off the ring apron.

Ziggler prepared for the super kick but Dominik hit him with a super kick of his own. Rey with a senton off the top rope knocking Ziggler to the outside. Roode lifted Rey up but Rey with right hands knocked Robert down.

Roode in the turnbuckle and Rey hit a 619. Dominik was tagged in. Rey slid to the outside and took Ziggler down. Dominik with a frogsplash off the top rope for the win. They become the first father-son duo to win the Smackdown Tag Team titles.

Damian Priest def. The Miz (in a Lumberjack match)

wrestlemania backlash results
Zombie Lumberjack match

The zombie lumberjacks, from the Army of the Dead movie, surrounded the ring and scared away the ring announcers. Smoke filled the ThunderDome. No WWE crowd on the LED boards, instead there were buildings.

The Miz threw Priest onto the ring apron. Miz went to attack Damian but he fell to the outside. Priest attacked the zombies and got back in. Miz went for a clothesline but fell to the outside of the ring. He slid under the ring to get away from the zombies and got back in the ring.

Priest climbed the top rope and hit a spinning heel kick onto the Miz but Priest landed on Miz’s knee. Priest grabbed Miz but Miz slammed him down and got the figure four.

The zombies grabbed Priest and Miz. Miz and Priest fought them off. They agreed to attack the zombies instead of each other. Miz went for a high five but Priest blocked it and Priest hit him with the falcon arrow.

Morrison ran down. He kicked Priest. Morrison knocked out some of the zombies on the outside. Zombies grabbed Morrison. Priest hit Miz with the Hit the Lights for the win.

Bianca Belair def. Bayley (retains Smackdown Women’s Championship)

wrestlemania backlash results
Belair and Bayley

Bianca threw Bayley to the outside as soon as the match began. She slammed Bayley into the turnbuckle. Bianca went for a moon sault but Bayley moved out of the way and Bianca landed on her feet, on the outside.

Bianca chased Bayley around the ring and hit a moon sault. Bayley grabbed Bianca by her earring and attacked Bianca. Bayley got on the ring apron and choked Bianca up on the second rope. But Bianca hit a vertical suplex. Both women brawled outside the ring.

Bayley lifted Bianca up and slammed her onto the steel steps. Bayley lifted Bianca up on her shoulders and slammed her down. Bianca got Bayley up but Bayley hit a clothesline. Bayley slammed Bianca face first into the ring post. Bayley went for a suicide dive but Bianca moved out of the way.

Belair lifted Bayley up and slammed her face first into the ring apron. Bianca went for a spear but Bayley moved out of the way. A rake to the eyes by Bayley but the referee didn’t see it. Bayley grabbed Bianca’s long braid and hit her with the Bayley to Belly.

Bayley grabbed Bianca’s braid again. She went for the rose plant but Bianca blocked it and got the pin.

Bobby Lashley def. Drew McIntyre and Braun Strowman (retains WWE Championship)

wrestlemania backlash results
WWE Championship match

Strowman knocked both men down as the match began. Strowman ran towards Lashley but Lashey knocked Strowman down. Drew attacked Strowman too and a partnership of sorts was on between Lashey and Drew.

Lashey grabbed Strowman and he told Drew to help him. Both men grabbed Strowman and hit a vertical suplex onto Strowman. Lashey grabbed Drew and dragged him to the outside. He slammed Drew into the barricade. Lashey lifted Drew up but Drew landed on his feet and pushed Lashey into the ring barricade.

Strowman hit a cannonball knocking both men down. Drew hit the zig zag onto Strowman. Strowman ran towards Lashey but Lashey hit a modified spinebuster. Lashley lifted Drew on his shoulder and threw him into the barricade.

Strowman hit Lashey with the steel steps. While Drew hit Strowman with the Claymore. Drew and Lashey got on the ring ramp. Drew went for a suplex, Lashey blocked it and landed a suplex of his own. Lashey and Drew fought to the top of the stage. Drew slammed Lashey through the LED boards on the stage as electrical sparks went off.

Strowman ran around the ring but Drew caught him and an overhead throw took him down. Drew went for the Claymore, but Strowman powerbombed him through the announce table. Strowman threw Drew back into the ring. Drew hit the Claymore. In came Lashley and he threw Drew to the outside. A spear by Lashley for the win.

Roman Reigns def. Cesaro (retains Universal Championship)

wrestlemania backlash results
Cesaro and Reigns

A head lock by Roman early in the match as he sent Cesaro to the ropes. Right hands by Roman as he slammed Cesaro’s head into the turnbuckle. A spring board uppercut by Cesaro took Roman down. Cesaro went for the swing but Roman grabbed the ropes and kicked Cesaro away.

Roman threw Cesaro face first into the announce table. A right hand by Roman followed by a headlock sent Cesaro to the ropes. Roman with a Samoan drop. He went for the Superman Punch but Cesaro hit him with the pop up uppercut.

Cesaro grabbed Roman and attacked his left leg. Cesaro went for the sharpshooter but Roman grabbed the ropes. Roman slid to the outside. Cesaro hit a corkscrew over the top rope. Cesaro slammed Roman face first into the ring post. He climbed the second rope but Roman with a right hand.

Roman stomped on Cesaro in the corner. The referee broke it up. Cesaro got Roman on the second rope and a suplex into the ring. Cesaro jumped off the second rope but Roman hit him with the Superman punch.

Both men were down and Roman was the first to his feet. Roman went for the spear but Cesaro with an uppercut. Roman applied the guillotine but Cesaro got to his feet and slammed Roman down.

Roman lifted Cesaro up and hit a powerbomb. Roman grabbed Cesaro and got him in the guillotine. Cesaro got on his feet and picked Roman up and dropped him. Cesaro tried to get out of the guillotine but Roman had it locked in for the win.

Jey Uso ran down to the ring after the match. He hit Cesaro with a super kick. Out came Seth Rollins. He got in the ring and went face to face with Roman. Seth smiled. He threw Cesaro to the outside and into the steel steps. He threw Cesaro over the announce table and hit with a steel chair. He placed Cesaro’s arm between the chair and twisted it as the show ended.

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